• Question 1 of 9

    In a typical day, how much time does your family spend in preparing whole and nutritious meals?

    • A Whatever time is available - there never seems to be enough
    • B It changes week to week depending on how much time we want to commit
    • C Too much! We're trying to learn to cook healthy and it takes a lot of time
    • D It varies, but we always try to make our dollars go further
  • Question 2 of 9

    What challenges do you and your family face in preparing nutritious, home-made meals?

    • A Not enough time
    • B Don’t like to cook
    • C Don’t know what to make or how to cook
    • D Cost
  • Question 3 of 9

    What would help you get your family eating healthier?

    • A Ways to find more time to cook
    • B Simple and interesting recipe ideas
    • C Better understanding of what foods are healthy and how to prepare them
    • D Ways to save money in the grocery store
  • Question 4 of 9

    When do you and your family find it most challenging to eat healthy?

    • A When we're on-the-go or in a hurry
    • B When others are eating junk food around us
    • C All the time - we're not sure what's healthy
    • D When we get tempted by meal deals
  • Question 5 of 9

    We find it easier to eat healthy when…

    • A When we have something prepared ahead of time
    • B When the healthier choice is obvious
    • C When we can make small changes that aren't overwhelming, like swaping out white rice for brown rice
    • D When we can find fruit, vegetables and protein on sale
  • Question 6 of 9

    In a typical week, how many days does your family engage in any type physical activity?

    • A 0-1. It is a challenge to fit it into our schedules
    • B It's inconsisent week-to-week. It is difficult to stay motivated
    • C 1-2. We're learning what different things we can incorproate, but it is intimidating to do more
    • D We take advantage of being active outside everyday that we can!
  • Question 7 of 9

    What challenges do you and your family face in being active?

    • A Too busy
    • B No Interested
    • C Don’t know where to start
    • D Cost
  • Question 8 of 9

    What would help you and your family get more active?

    • A Tips for time management
    • B Tips for getting motivated
    • C Suggestions for unique and interesting activities
    • D Suggestions for inexpensive or free activities
  • Question 9 of 9

    It's recommended that children and youth reach at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. For adults, it is recommended that they reach at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more. How would you and your family prefer to stay active?

    • A Incorporate several shorter activities throughout the day
    • B Join a sports team and meet new people
    • C Hike, bike and use the outdoors
    • D Take advantage of what's close by - walk the dog, go to the park, play outside