Carlos Bustamante (YTV’s The Zone)

“Being active has always been a part of my life, whether it's through dance, martial arts, or any physical activity that looks fun and challenging. Lately I've found that if I exercise or do one of those activities right after I wake up, it gives me a boost and makes me way more alert and energized than if I hit the snooze button to get 10 more minutes of sleep. It definitely takes some effort to make a habit of being active first thing, but it's definitely worth it! Follow that with a healthy breakfast (fruits, green veggies, protein) and you've got an amazing start to your day!”

Lisa Gilroy (YTV’s The Zone)

“I love being outdoors and walking around my city. Recently I set up a Steps Counter on my phone to track all my foot action, and being a slightly competitive person, I gotta say I'm really into it. I especially like to compare the steps I take in a day to some of my friends that use the same program. Little things like getting off the subway a stop earlier or using the stairs instead of the elevator have helped rack up my step points and pump up my health!”

Suki (YTV’s The Zone)

“Listen here party people, I have a lot of energy to burn and I get so bored whenever I’m running on a treadmill or lifting weights and I do not like to be bored. What do I do to replace those two things? DANCE! Dancing is the greatest because you have to stretch, get your cardio up and then move to the beat. It’s amazing and makes me so happy! I'm also a big believer of snacking on healthy things all day to make my body feel right. It makes for a healthy me!”

Victoria Baldesarra (Michelle, The Next Step)

“I travel a lot for work and I noticed that when I was sitting for long periods of time my muscles would tense up. Now, every time I’m on a long flight or bus ride, I make sure to do stretches before, during and after, and I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go.”

Myles Erlick (Noah, The Next Step)

“In the last couple years I have become really interested in nutrition for athletes. I realized I needed more protein in my diet because I was burning so much of my food fuel from my intense schedule. Now, I try to have fish, pork or chicken with every meal. I’ve also learned to food prep healthy meals for up to an entire week so I can just grab it and go in the morning. Planning ahead is my biggest change and it’s working to keep me fit and healthy.”

Josh Bogert (Miles, Backstage)

“As a musician, I’m sitting a lot when I write, produce and practice my music. This year, life got even more hectic and I found myself away from home, working long hours. I realized that in order to keep up and stay healthy, I was going to have to start moving and make better food choices. Now, I make time in my schedule for activities like Crossfit, cycling and dance classes. I try to eat healthy, home cooked meals as much as I can but when I’m out, I order as healthy as possible; salads instead of fries, water instead of soda, that kind of thing. It’s made a big difference in how I feel and in the quality of my performance on set, on stage and at school. I still treat myself but now there is a balance.’'

Devyn Nekoda (Vanessa, Backstage)

“With all of the long days on set, I like to track what I'm eating so I know I'm getting the right amount of nutrients. I have an app on my phone that allows me to type that in superfast. It makes my life 10x easier and ensures that I'm eating enough of the good stuff!! With dance, I like to plan ahead of time. I keep a little emergency bag with a protein bar, gatorade, bandaids etc. just to be extra prepared in case I don’t have breaks.”

Ana Golja (Zoe Rivas, Degrassi: Next Class)

“Having such a jam packed schedule between filming, music, events, and quality family time, it's tough to keep healthy. Through my years in this business, I've realized that I need to stay healthy if I want to continue doing everything. Even after a long, tiring day on set, I put aside time to go take a dance or spin class because I know it'll be good for me in the long run (plus, it's a fun way to destress too!).”

Patty Sullivan (TV Host, Kids’ CBC)

“As the host of a preschool show, I always need to be full of energy. So I need to make smart food choices sot that I can stay healthy and energized, not only for my own performances, but to keep up with the kids! So I try to make as many home cooked meals as possible, I bring my own lunch to work every day (love my PB & banana sandwiches!), and I make sure to have healthy snacks and water throughout the day. You can never have too much water! Even when I’m on the road meeting kids across Canada, I’ll bring along my own snacks. That way I’m never tempted to grab something sugary from those hotel vending machines!”

Harrison Houde (Bowie Sherman, Some Assembly Required)

“Around dinner time I think about what is happening tomorrow, and then I make a mental note of when I need to go bed in time and get my eight hours of sleep to wake up in time for the day ahead! e.g. class at 9am, I need an hour to get up, eat and get ready. So I need to be asleep by midnight to get my eight hours! ”

Travis Turner (Aster, Some Assembly Required)

“I realized I was anxious and overthinking things too much. By getting out into nature and hiking I feel more grounded and clear headed so I can take on more work without feeling stressed. Plus the fresh air is always a good thing!”

Jake Goodman (Alvin, Max and Shred)

“After I was finished filming Max and Shred, I realized that I wasn't being very active. I started to rock climb indoors and really enjoyed it, and now I climb competitively on a team! Also, my mom cooks a lot of healthy foods so I have very many healthy choices available to me which keep me healthy.”

Madison Ferguson (Lori, The Stanley Dynamic)

“When I started The Stanley Dynamic I was eating the wrong kind of foods with little exercise and I put on 15 pounds. I realized this wasn't healthy. I've since changed my eating habits and become more active. I feel better and have a lot more energy.”

Charles Vandervaart (Larry, The Stanley Dynamic)

“When I started high school last year, I was really nervous about my first exam. I needed to relax and focus. Playing sports has always helped me overcome stress and feel energized. I decided to go for a run the morning of my exam. I felt so good after my run I was ready for anything. I wrote the exam feeling fantastic and I aced it!”