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Carlos Bustamante (YTV’s The Zone)

“Being active has always been a part of my life, whether it's through dance, martial arts, or any physical activity that looks fun and challenging. Lately I've found that if I exercise or do one of those activities right after I wake up, it gives me a boost and makes me way more alert and energized than if I hit the snooze button to get 10 more minutes of sleep. It definitely takes some effort to make a habit of being active first thing, but it's definitely worth it! Follow that with a healthy breakfast (fruits, green veggies, protein) and you've got an amazing start to your day!”

Myles Erlick (Noah, The Next Step)

“In the last couple years I have become really interested in nutrition for athletes. I realized I needed more protein in my diet because I was burning so much of my food fuel from my intense schedule. Now, I try to have fish, pork or chicken with every meal. I’ve also learned to food prep healthy meals for up to an entire week so I can just grab it and go in the morning. Planning ahead is my biggest change and it’s working to keep me fit and healthy.”

Patty Sullivan (TV Host, Kids’ CBC)

“As the host of a preschool show, I always need to be full of energy. So I need to make smart food choices sot that I can stay healthy and energized, not only for my own performances, but to keep up with the kids! So I try to make as many home cooked meals as possible, I bring my own lunch to work every day (love my PB & banana sandwiches!), and I make sure to have healthy snacks and water throughout the day. You can never have too much water! Even when I’m on the road meeting kids across Canada, I’ll bring along my own snacks. That way I’m never tempted to grab something sugary from those hotel vending machines!”